S.Korea stands by the thief side?

An interesting article in a sport paper in Japan.
Korea stands by the thief side? Why they don’t obey the international rule?
Following is the summary of the article.

“WBC S.Korean team paid for it!”

In October 2012, a statue of the Goddess of Kannon, Japanese designated cultural property, was stolen from the Kannonji temple in Tsushima City Nagasaki Prefecture. In January 2013, Korean theft ring that stole the statue were arrested in S.Korea, but the statue didn’t go back to Japan. A S.Korean citizen group claimed “The statue is a stolen one from a Korean temple by Wako (Japanese pirates who frequented the coastal seas of Korea and China from the 13th to the 16th centuries) in the age of Silla or Goryeo, so it originally Korean’s” They sought an injunction against restitution of the statue. And unbelievably the S.Korean court accepted it!

On 26 Feburary S.korean district court made a judgment that the Busokusa temple in S.Korea must keep the statue until Kannonji proves that they got the statue by fair means. “How we could do this? Instead, what are they going to do if we say ‘Show us the proof Wako stole it’ I really don’t think Koreans could understand common sense.”said Tanaka, who is the priest of the Kannonji. “At that time, Confucianism became widespread and Buddism went out of Korea… There even were historical facts that Wako took the Buddha statues back for protection out of pity”

“It is just punishment of Heaven for stealing statue of the Goddess of Kannon, that S.korean baseball team lost in the first round in the WBC games” said Tanaka.
The Goddess of Kannon has been loved very much by the people of the City of Tsushima. So they are really angry at S.Korea. The local people are saying that the S.Koreans won’t get away with it.

Bad things happen after another in S.Korea now.
Not only miserable 1st round defeat in the WBC but also the more serious problem.. North Korea declared the rejection of the agreement of truce between N and S.korea. S.korea moves into a critical phase both domestically and externally.



To Begin With 


Hello, I’m Japanese.
Recently I came to realize that Japan is often misunderstood by surrounding countries or the rest of the world. It is probably because Japan has kept a special kind of culture that tends to consider self-promotion or criticism of others as an undignified behavior. I guess it may be a traces of samurai ethics. So practice of discussion or debate has not been cultivated in Japan. In a period of the relentless propaganda battle like now, the Japanese are just like people who are bound hand and foot in the face of enemy.
Anyway let’s talk something about Japan to clear up misconceptions as much as possible.
I would be thankful if you could read my intentions accurately in spite of my poor English.
Thank you.