A Japanese scholar’s point

People in any other country outside Japan may not know that no matter how dirty words China or N,S.Korea tosses against Japan, both Japanese people and media(TVs, radios and newspapers ) seldom criticize or speak evil of them. Even though many Japanese companies had dreadful experiences by violent anti-Japan demonstrations over disputes of Senkaku islands last September in China, rather, our medea said recently ”We should provide the latest technologies for reducing air pollution to China with no compensation” ..
So most of Japanese must not be able to believe their own ears to hear that Japanese today drift to the right. I can tell you that in every respect, Japanese are far less nationalistic than Chinese or Koreans.

Then, today I will introduce an article where the author unusually speaks right out for the modest Japanese. He is a political and historical scholar, seems that he has lived in Korea, very angry about what the neighboring countries have done in these days.
As the article is long I translated only extract. (sorry if mistranslation)

The world of “Better tell a lie ’cause sometimes you get lucky. ”

I think it has become clear for Japanese that Japan is encircled by a family of grave nations,that is, kidnapper(North Korea), islands robber(South Korea) and sea robber(China).

《in quest of victory against Japan》

Since I have written a book called “Anti-Japan Triangle in East Asia” I’ve given warning through these columns again and again, that Japan would have to be faced with crises by them like now . Their nationalism override on Sinocentrism that is the principle they are absolutely right. The three countries are opposed to the prosperity of Japan forever and ever because they considered Japan as outlying region in the Middle Ages. Their nationalisms burst from the layer of heritage in the form of anti-Japanism.

There also were problems in the process of attaining independence. S.Korea was freed by the US without the battle against Japan, N.Korea conducted only limited guerrilla war against Japan and yet lost big, ended up getting a Soviet’s puppet, and China restored it’s energy while their fellows fought against Japanese troops, after the war it gained independence by kicking the fellows out.
These countries could not create the national stories without a pseudo-history that they defeated Japan.
Therefore They will continue to infringe Japanese sovereignty and inveade Japan to show thier peoples that they are battling against Japan all the time. (snip)

《Don’t close your eyes to China and N.Korea’s wrongs》

In postwar Japan, the left-wing intellectuals have spreaded around a pattern of the simple dichotomy of good and evil, that is to say, as Japan caused damage to China and Korea by invading them it is evil, on the other hand China and Korea are right. They said if Japan is 2 meter-level evil, invading Tibet by China is 1 meter-level one. furthermore even said “Japan’s war responsibility for China is not counterbalanced only because China has equipped with nuclear arms” ( from “Ideological change in Japan’s foreign policy” written by Sakamoto Yoshikazu) Sakamoto is the latter standard-bearer of “Global Citizen” Now his words noted above is a good material that says a lot about his views.

Th similar people like him say something similar. This is the follwing tone..”The reason why S.Korea doesn’t accept the joint petition of the two countries to International Court of Justice, is because Japan lacks a sense of responsibility for the history”, “Japanese are under the sociopsychological situation
that they want to forget the fact that they invaded Asian countries in the war”

However, to borrow their phrase, the evils that the three countries did have exceeded 2 meters. They kidnapped many Japanese, scraped off the Japanese islands, try to fill both the South and East Seas with human wave tactics. They insulted the Japanese head of state, mugged the national flag from the
official car the Japanese ambassador ride, randomly destroyed and looted many Japanese factories or department stores by violent demonstrations under Beijing’s control

In terms of “Better tell a lie ’cause sometimes you get lucky” these countries and the Japanese left-wing intellectuals make a little difference.