Thanks letter from Chinese govt to Japanese

This is a letter of appreciation from the Chinese Consul of Nagasaki to Japanese fishermen, presented on 20th May,1920, for the reason that 7 Japanese fishermen saved 31 Chinese crew who had been shipwrecked off the coast of one of the Senkaku islands (Chin:Diaoyutai). The letter had been kept by a son of one of the rescuers, and then donated to the government of Ishigaki.
In the letter we can see the words for the place name that the Chinese survivors drifted to, described clearly as “Wayo Island, Senkaku Islands, Yaeyama District, Okinawa Prefecture, Imperial Japan(日本帝国沖縄県八重山郡尖閣列島和洋島)”. Wayo Island is what the Chinese call Uotsuri Island now, which means that the Chinese Government at the time undoubtedly recognized the Senkaku Islands as Japanese territory. I think this would be a strong evidence that proves the validity of the Japanese claim over the Senkaku Islands.

the letter of appreciation in English

letter of appreciation

Republic of China, 8th year in winter.
31 fishermen including Mr.Gojun Kaku郭合順 living in Keian恵安prefecture Fujian, had a day of storm, were wrecked and drifted down to Wayo island, Senkaku islands, Yaeyama district, Okinawa Prefecture, the Empire of Japan.
Mr.Sonban Tamayose 玉代勢孫伴 living in Ishigaki village, Yaeyama county, Okinawa Prefecture, the Empire of Japan, was kind enough to give aid to them and return them safely to their home country. You reallly achieved a great thing. So we thank you here and offer a letter of appreciation to you with our whole heart.

Republic of China Consul to Nagasaki 馮冕
Republic of China 9th year 20th May