It’s quite clear by using comonsense

To be honest, I think there is a possibility that the facts about “the taking of women by force” have been twisted by political forces with various ideologies which came into the postwar Japan and have worked behind the scenes. Therefore we will probably need to gather as many evidences against the event as possible again and investigate without prejudice what really happened in those days.

Despite the importance of how the comfort women were treated in the wartime brothels, here, I want to focus solely on whether the Japanese army actually abducted ordinary Korean women “willy-nilly” and “systematically” to make them work as such?
One day women walking along the street as usual were captured and taken to a brothels.. whether such a horrible thing could really happen? I myself want to know it.
Following post is from the MSN site, about testimony by a person involved

Women not forcibly seized by the military

It’s quite clear by using comonsense

The Korean government approved a private organization for electing a monument for the comfort women of the war in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul. While Japanese government gave the Grand Cordon of the Paulownia Flowers to Kono Yohei who released so-called KOUNO’s discourse in 1992 that acknowledged virtually the dubious fact that the Japanese army involved in taking women by force.

The comfort women were nothing more than the professional ones who did buisiness under a contract. Most of them were recruited by Korean employment agents. But the korean people, in both the public and private sectors, have kept on using ” Military comfort women issue” as a bargaining chip.

Daishido Tsuneyasu(大師堂経慰) who once worked at the General Headquarters of Korea as an administrative official, had deep knowledge about the affairs of those times, but died on November, 2012 being concerned about the issue. The article in the magazine “Seiron” is his Posthumous, wrote up on 15 August, 2010.

Here, after he marshaled deta about how a fake story of “comfort women by force” was fabricated and it took on a life of its own, and offered them in the magazine, then wrote the following words based on his own experiences..”At first why I don’t think the Japanese militaly seized the women by force is that if they did it there must have been several times more witnesses to the events than the victims of it and a huge protest against Japanese military must have happened in the peninsula however during the war, but actually neither eyewitness testimony nor protest was”

Mr.Daishido introduced the subject of Gwangju Student Movement in 1929 as a collateral evidence. This is the massive student’s protest movement in Korea against Japan during the occupation, which happened because some Japanese junior high-school students made fun of Korean school girls. By most definitions everybody knows what would happen if Japanese brought many Korean women against their will from such a place like where a big protest took place only due to kidding Korean women
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