It’s ironic..

This article appeared in Sankei Shinbun 27 May. 2006, written by Kevin M Doak who is a professor of University of Illinois.
It says, it’s ironic that China who works toward a military power desperately accuses the Japanese PM of visiting Yasukuni. I agree with this remark.

The Impropriety of Interfering with Memorial Services
by Kevin M Doak

It is quite ironic that Chinese government accuses PM Junichiro Koizumi of visiting Yasukuni shrine in relation to Japan’s militarism or glorifying war. Now the whole world knows China is building the arsenals on a massive scale. The militarist China itself accuses the Japanese PM of visiting Yasukuni by saying that Japan trends toward militarism. The asserting that a country is militaristic because its PM visits its shrine is something like a bad joke. If China consistently condemns the visit to Yasukuni, they should find more stronger reasons.

It is nothing more than China’s excuse that it connects the visit to Yasukuni with militarism. It is a fact that the reason why China makes critical attacks on Yasukuni is not only to use them as weapons of politics or diplomacy against Japan, but to counteract religions or belief from fear. The Chinese govt. is controlled by the Communist Party and every communist is an overt anti-religious atheist. The Communist Party has the stance that they denies any religions or belief essentially and tries to impose such a undemocratic principle on a diplomatic society, Japan. The principle leads to suppression of freedom and human rights of the people.

China accuses Japan’s class-A war criminals but no matter how bad Hideki Tojo and others were, they might matter much less than Mao Tse-tung who killed more than 20 million of his people. Yet Mao received China’s highest accolade after his death and the people expressed their sympathy for him. According to the logic that China uses to Japan, the Chinese people also should not express their condolences for Mao due to his “Crime” in his lifetime, but I would like to recognize their right to do it. This is not a matter that foreign nations or people should get involved in.
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