“When will US & JP’s financing help for China be over?”


Developed countries have not extended economic assistance to China in order to help the country become a military superpower and invade its neighbors.
Watching how China interacts with its neighboring countries these days, we find that the territorial dispute with Japan has nothing to do with historical issues between Japan and China.

“When will US & JP’s financing help for China be over?”

The US media had argued that it was no longer viable in today’s situation, where China has achieved rapid economic growth, for Japan and the US to continue to provide financial help to China every year.

Foreign Policy, an American magazine specializing in foreign affairs, published the article on 12th July, saying that Japanese and Americans are raising serious questions about their continued financing of China, while the country is not only the greatest competitor for Japan and the US geopolitically, it also overtook Japan in economy size as the world’s second-largest economy in 2010.

Furthermore, according to the article, the US govt gave China 28.3 million dollars in economic aid in 2012 to spend on an environmental program, the development of rules of law and the battle against AIDS in China. Even though Japan and China have been in a touch-and-go situation with a great deal of complexity, Japan provided China with 8 hundred million dollars in 2011 due to Japan’s feeling guilty about the historical issues between the two countries. And now peoples of Japan and the US have come to express their opinion that their govts should stop giving aid to China because it already has the ability to solve its social problems on its own.

In addition, the media reports that the peoples of supporting countries to China including Japan and the US feel the aid unreasonable, and wonder how much longer they will have to aid China’s development before they can stop giving aid to such a country as China that is beginning to finance Asian-African developing countries aggressively. http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20130716-00000041-scn-cn