2 pictures about the comfort women issue

朝鮮人当選議員-1The news paper on May 11,1933 in Korea says “80 percent of the winners of elections are Koreans”
慰安婦の嘘2-1Headshots of the winners of elections in Korea in the newspaper at the time
The images above are displayed by a lawmaker Nariaki Nakayama in the Diet deliberations in Japan on 8 March, 2013 as source material abuot the issue of the military comfort women. The contents of them are parts of the article appeared in the Japanese newspaper Chosen-Asahi(朝鮮朝日) published on 11 May, 1933, in Korea, during Japan’s annexation. It reported the results of regional elections for legislature representatives in 13 regions of the Korean Peninsula, listed all the winner’s name and some photographs of their faces. Although the notorious Japan’s annexation of Korea, the pictures told that 80 percent of the winners of elections are Koreans. For example, 8 governors of 12 county of Chunchonnam-do(忠清南道) were Koreans. Also the second-ranking captain and a higher detective of Tejon police office(大田警察署) were Koreans.
This is what the lawmaker Nakayama would have to say..
that it was impossible that Japanese army staffs took Korean women by force in Korea because there were many Korean public officials and police officers at that time in the peninsula. if Japanese indeed did such a thing, the local Koreans wouldn’t have remained silent. He thinks it could be a circumstance evidences of denying the Japanese army seizing women. Also according to the book “Yokuwakaru Iannfu mondai” written by Nishioka Tsutomua, a Korean press said “There was no way they could, because it’s hardly possible that Japanese men went deep into the Korean countryside alone in those days.”

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